It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we have planned an open house for you to meet and greet our candidate,

Saturday, September 22.

    11:00 am to noon – Deacons, Trustees, Church Council and church staff

    12:00-1:30 – all parishioners

Both meetings will be held in Fellowship Hall.

Sunday, September 23rd is Candidate Sunday.  Please plan to join us at 10:00 for worship.  Following worship, church members will vote on the Search Committee’s recommendation. 

Of Fire, Water, and Wind

Recent days have seen challenges to people close to DUC and far away.  The gas related explosions and fires in the Andover and Lawrence areas last week, the ongoing flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, and Super Typhoon Mangkut in the Phillipines remind all of us of the ongoing need for disaster relief and support for the recovery of effected communities.


The Stewardship Team (Ken Landall, Gary Forrister, Barbara Gray, Marcy Stanton, Skip Walsh, Bill Boothe and Dave Corbett) carefully considered several other themes before choosing this one. This theme speaks of both ministry and mission. It truly expresses what we are about at DUC. We are in the “business” of changing lives, the lives of our members and friends, and the lives of those who are touched by our generous outreach. Many people benefit from the ministry and mission of our church.


The DUC Quilt Show will be in our sanctuary as part of the Apple Festival on Saturday, October 6.  Will you share your quilt(s)?  That antique quilt in the attic or the treasured quilt in your home will be admired by so many people.  Designs, colors, histories and quilting techniques will amaze all!  Call Betty Boothe if you are willing to share, and she will give you the details for the display.  We will be very careful with your quilt.