Stewardship Campaign 2020

Stewardship letters are on their way — with several enclosures, including a pledge card.  Before filling your pledge out, please take a few minutes to find out something new about Dennis Union Church — something you didn’t know before.  You can do this by visiting different parts of this website to learn more about the breadth of activities and programs — for music, for youth, and for outreach to our community and the world.

This is your church.  While we’ve had setbacks since March due to the coronavirus crisis, we’re persevered as a congregation. 

All it takes to keep this wonderful church in motion is your participation.  Many of you volunteer on committees. Thank you for that! And most everyone made pledges last year and kept them during the shutdown. Thank you for that as well.

Know that your pledges are critical in creating a budget for next year, and play a major role in determining what activities and programs will be possible in 2021.

In essence, your pledge really matters.  Please think of your pledge as your way of taking an active part in the wonderful adventure ahead.

Thank you, 

Ralph Aceti, Stewardship Co-Chair

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