Knitters Needed!

Knitters of all skill levels are invited to work on some worthy projects. 

A yarn shop in Chatham,  A Great Yarn, is continuing their collection of knitted strips to make blankets for the homeless. The shop is closed but their helpers are still busy sewing strips together.

spools of yarn

This is a great project while we are sheltering at home – you don’t need to buy yarn; just use up your leftovers! Directions can be found here, or contact Edie Graf or Mary Ann Eldred.  When the coast is clear, we will arrange for pick-ups and delivery.

If you would like to knit a prayer shawl, contact Betty Boothe (774-330-2191) for directions.  Prayer shawls are a great comfort to those in need, and our supply is dwindling!

unsplash-logoYarn image by Maranda Vandergriff
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